60 A DC Immune Current Transformer against external magnetic field
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60 A DC Immune Current Transformer against external magnetic field

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  • T-01


  • 85043110


    According to IEC62053-21, The energy meter shall be protected against external magnetic field, to face the potential tampering situation. TOPRO shielded Current transformer T-01 adopted customized metal shield (Material: DT4E) for protect against external magnetic field, the shielded CT can be DC immune or not DC immune.

Product Characteristics

1. It applied for electronic electricity meters, single phase energy meter and three phase energy meters.

2. Adopted high quality amorphous alloy and nanocrystalline core, good linearity and high precision.

3. The CT case adopted flame retardant PBT materials, with good mechanical and electrical strength.

4. Encapsulated with epoxy resin with strong insulation ability.

5. DC immune current transformers (DCT) can be used in electricity meters, Conform to IEC62053-21 

    and ANSI C12.20.

6. Metal shield adopted to protect the CT against external magnetic field 300mT.

7. Rosh compliance, CE certificated.

Product Dimensions

60 A DC immune Current transformer against external magnetic field T-01

                             Outline dimension Unit: mm


Product Datasheet


60 A Current transformer against external magnetic field T-01

Rated primary current

5 Amps

Maximum primary current (Imax)

60 Amps

Secondary current (Output)

2 mA

Turn ratio

1 : 2500

DC and even harmonics

Current for direct connected meters, Imax/√2 DC error should be less than ±3% when power factor=1.0, According to IEC 62053-21

Against external magnetic field

300 mT

Operating temp.

-40° C - 70° C

Storage Temp

-40° C -85° C

Core material

Nano crystalline and Amorphous


0.1 class or 0.2 Class

ROSH compliance


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