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  • 06-06-2024

    How Does A Latching Relay Work?
    A latching relay is a specialized electrically-actuated switch characterized by its two-position nature. Unlike conventional relays, it retains its contact position indefinitely even after power to the coil is removed. This memory function is achieved through distinct mechanisms, primarily mechanica
  • 05-06-2024

    What Is A Latching Relay?
    A latching relay, also referred to as a memory relay, bistable relay, or stay relay, distinguishes itself from conventional relays by its ability to maintain its state even after the signal that activated it ceases. Unlike traditional relays that necessitate continuous power to sustain their energiz
  • 03-06-2024

    How Does A Current Transformer Work
    A current transformer (CT) is a crucial component in power systems, employed for accurately measuring high voltage currents while ensuring the safety of operators and equipment. Here's how it works and where it finds application: Structural Components:Iron Core: Made of low magnetic permeability mat
  • 08-04-2024

    How to design a proper latching relay for electricity energy meters.
    How to design a proper latching relay for electricity energy meters. Compared to other electric control switches, the latching relay has the ability to save amounts of energy significantly and is a low-cost component. Furthermore, the performance of the latc
  • 30-03-2024

    We are in National utility exhibition
    The "Sixth National Electrical Instrumentation Standardization Technical Committee Summary Conference and the 2023 47th International Seminar and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standards, and Products" was held in Xi'an. More than 400 representatives from power grid companies
  • 25-03-2024

    Confident Switching: Unveiling The Features of UC3 Latching Relays for IEC62055-31 Compliance
    Confident Switching: Unveiling the Features of UC3 Latching Relays for IEC62055-31 Compliance In the world of electrical switching, UC3 Latching Relays designed for IEC62055-31 compliance stand out as reliable and efficient components. This article aims to unravel the features of UC3 latching relays
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